Training Programs

We are always investing in our future through valuable educational opportunities. The Lincoln Family is proud to work with your team to increase brand awareness and to create the technical skills required for focused dealer growth.

As a service to our prospective dealers, new dealers or long-standing dealer customers, Lincoln offers in-depth training assistance. Training can consist of AIA presentations, office visits to Merrill, WI, regional training programs involving several area dealers or individualized sales training at your location.

Regional Training

Regional training may include an AIA presentation, product knowledge education and LiteBuilder instruction. Several dealers may be involved so regional successes may be shared in a common setting. Also, individual meetings may be held at a regional trade show or national builders’ conference. If training your sales staff is important, this is the perfect solution.

As always, our sales representatives can work with your outside sales staff and inside support team at your location. This type of training is totally customizable to address your specific sales goals and initiatives.

Office Visits

Bringing your staff to our manufacturing plants provides a closer look at the entire company. Office visitations are tailored around the specific needs of our customer and often include: tours inside the production facility, comprehensive LiteBuilder instruction (quoting software), product knowledge training, employee introductions and hands-on field service education. This is the most successful way to learn the ‘Lincoln’ story.

Plan your next training event or schedule a trip to Merrill, WI by contacting your Lincoln Sales Representative.