Casement Windows

Available as a traditional cranking unit or as our increasingly popular push-out style, Lincoln casements have a lot to offer.

Casement features include an architectural pleasing recessed sash, mortise and tenon joinery, multi-point locking hardware with single handle activation, adjustable hinges and beautiful hardware finishes. Casement windows are energy efficient, architecturally versatile and structurally sound.

Casement Window Styles

Standard Casement

The Lincoln crank-out casement is a versatile design with exceptional architectural appeal, performance and strength built in. Available in many combinations of types and sizes, our casement line delivers outstanding value without sacrificing or limiting product options.

Stylish Truth brand operators function smoothly while opening the sash to a full 90° for maximum ventilation. Single-lever multipoint sash locks pull tight to a full perimeter weatherstrip for security against the elements. Heavy frames and sash components are standard.

Push-Out Casement

These windows are beautiful inside and out. The sash swings open with a simple turn of the handle, while the friction hinges keep it firmly in place whether fully or partially opened.

Traditional hinged screens add a historical touch-of-class and feature a color matched knob. Or, choose a retractable screen that rolls up when not needed, leaving a clear view of the outdoors.

Radius Top Casement

Lincoln casements with a radius design element are sure to add elegance and charm to any building project. Segment head casements and our traditional casements have matching sightlines so they can cosmetically complement each other.

Segment head operating windows combined with stationary units and studio picture windows create many design options. Exterior (outboard) hinges allow for easy operation. Radius interior trim is available for the finishing touch.

French Casement

Continental flavor is apparent in French casement windows – one window – two sash – one opening. French casements are available in standard twin casement width for vertical sight line presentations when used in combination with standard casement windows.

Their popularity is additionally increased due to egress code requirements for width. Operation is easy and secure with single handle push-out hardware on each sash utilizing multi-point locking system.

Casement/Awning Window Corner


  1. 4-9/16” jamb
  2. 1-3/16” thick side jambs, head and sill
  3. Clean interior stop design
  4. 7/8” warm edge insulating glass
  5. Interior wood glazing bead
  6. Maximum thickness sill cover
  7. Full surround frame weatherstrip
  8. Thermally enhanced frame with specialty composite polymer
  9. .050 extruded aluminum on sash and frame. Wood units have primed sash on the exterior with cPVC, sill nosing and brickmould
  10. Gasketed frame corners on aluminum clad products with corner key for added stability
  11. 1 3/4” thick sash
  12. Sash weatherstrip with combination drip cap detail on top rail

Exterior Colors

Actual colors may vary from image on computer screen. Please see your Lincoln dealer for the latest available colors.

Exterior Options

Interior Options

Wood Species

Nothing enhances the look and feel of a room more than the richness and beauty of wood. Our standard pine interior is fine for most applications, but if you are looking to really enhance the character of your project, we offer five additional wood species.

red oak
Red Oak
white oak
White Oak

Wood Finishes

Natural Wood

Lincoln will leave your interior wood surface sanded smooth, ready for stain and sealer.



If you plan to paint the interior of your windows and patio doors, you can have them primed with a white factory applied water-based acrylic latex primer.



To take things a step further, we also offer a factory applied top-coat of paint. Pre-Finished white or black is intended to be your final coat of paint and reduce jobsite finishing costs.

final finish
black finish

Square Glazing Bead

With or without the new square Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) option, utilizing the new square glazing bead style is becoming increasingly popular in the architectural communities. Lincoln's sharper glazing bead profile was designed to flow naturally with the super straight lines featured in modern designs.

square bead

Jamb Extensions

When installing a window, increasing the depth of the window frame to accommodate the wall thickness is sometimes necessary. This can easily be accomplished with the use of jamb extensions available in all six wood species.

jamb extension

Mull Casings

This is an interior trim covering that hides the joinery between mulled window assemblies and is commonly used when purchasing an applied extension jamb. Mull casings are available to match our wood species.

mull casing

Trim - Radius Units Only

Lincoln offers interior trims in ten profiles. The benefit to our customers is the ability to shape the trim for a radius unit at the time of production. In addition, plinth blocks are available, to facilitate joining radius to straight trim.



Glass Options

Lincoln offers glazing options with thoughts of energy efficiency and creature comforts alike. Whether your home is in the Sunbelt consisting of long sunny summer days, hot muggy nights and high air conditioning bills or is in the heart of the Midwest with extended periods of below-zero temperatures and high heating bills, sit in your favorite chair, relax and let our manufacturing excellence guide you through our diverse IG offering.

Lite & Grille Options

There are not only choices in the glass itself, there’s also variation in glazing. Here is another opportunity to have your windows and doors made to fit the interior design, décor and style of the room. Additionally, the exterior interacts with the overall architecture and creates fantastic curb appeal. Enhancing windows and doors with lite divisions definitely puts the icing on the cake. Although there are standard lite configurations designated for all products, custom designs are also welcome.

Hardware Options


Lincoln offers a low profile folding handle on casement windows. Folding handles are advantageous for use with some window treatments and provide lower clearance for removal of the window screen. As standard, casement operating hardware (crank handle, operator cover and lever lock) are a soft coppertone color that blends well with most clear wood finishes. Seven optional finishes are also offered. All casements feature adjustable hinge tracks for proper sash alignment.

Casement Hardware
polished brass
Polished Brass
oil rubbed brass
Oil-Rubbed Brass

satin nickel
Satin Nickel
faux bronze
Faux Bronze

Contempo Handle

Make a contemporary statement with your next building project and upgrade to Lincoln’s new Contempo casement hardware. This modern design features clean straight lines and pairs nicely with our Contempo sliding door and the Dallas swing door trim sets. (*=Special Order Request)

awning hardware
awning hardware
satin nickel
Satin Nickel
faux bronze
Faux Bronze

awning hardware
* Bright Brass
* Bronze
awning hardware
* Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Push-Out Casement

Single handle for easy operation available in three finishes. Multi-point locking system directly routed into the stile for greater performance, security and durability.

3-point stainless steel high-friction washability hinges on top and bottom keep the window in place and allow access to clean the glass from the inside.

Casement Hardware
Satin Nickel
Faux Bronze

Casement Hardware

Sash Limiters

Lincoln's optional sash limiters for Casements with Crank Hardware meet the requirements of ASTM F2090-10.

ASTM F2090-10: Standard Specification for Window Fall Prevention Devices With Emergency Escape (Egress) Release Mechanisms establishes requirements for devices intended to address the risk of injury and death associated with accidental falls from windows by children five years old and younger.

ASTM-compliant window opening control devices:

  • Allow a window to be opened less than 4 inches with 60-lbf direct force applied
  • Allow a window to be fully opened if needed as a means of escape or rescue in an emergency with no more than 15-lbf of force
  • Require two actions to open the window fully for egress purposes
  • Require the action to be performed without the use of keys, tools or special knowledge
  • Reset automatically every time the window is opened

Sash limiters are available for Casement Windows with Push-Out Hardware, but they do not meet the requirements of ASTM F2090-10

Sash Limiter

Additional Options

Because we ship to the continental US and therefore experience a lot of different regional concerns, Lincoln offers special options that make using our products a lot easier. Please contact your local dealer for details.

  • Corrosion Resistant Hardware - Often used to resist harsh coastal environments.
  • Butt Hinges - Exterior hinge allowing for fuller opening of casement windows.

Screen Options

Screens allow you to enjoy the fresh air while keeping insects and debris out of your home. Lincoln offers three options.

BetterVue Screen

UltraVue Screen

BetterVue is our standard screen mesh. Made of fiberglass, it has thinner strands and a tighter weave than traditional fiberglass screen providing better visibility, increased light transmittance, greater airflow, improved curb appeal and enhanced protection from small insects (no-see-ums), debris and dust.

UltraVue® offers the most clarity of our screen mesh options. Constructed of fire-retardant charcoal fiberglass mesh, UltraVue® screens are engineered with even thinner strands and a tighter weave than our BetterVue® screen option for increased visibility, light transmittance, airflow and insect protection.

Aluminum is the most widely used metal for screens and is a great option for homes with pets or kids. Metal screens are popular in regions where insects routinely chew holes in fiberglass mesh.




The Lincoln traditional screen has a lift rail at the bottom and compression springs at the head which allow for easy removal. Our color-matched PVC corner keys help keep interiors from scuffing during removal and installation.

Metal Frames - Standard Finishes
matte black


Available on our traditional casement and our very popular push-out style casement, retractable screens roll up for convenient storage when not desired. Screens are operated with a simple touch and roll up with very little effort.

Enjoy crisp clean interior lines because operating tracks are hidden with a wood cover.

retractable screen


Designed for our push-out style casement products, Lincoln’s hinged screen offers classic styling and excellent functionality. This screen option is supplied with an attractive color-matched knob for easy operation.

hinged screen

Replacement Options with

Remodeling any building can have its challenges and Lincoln stands ready to simplify the purchasing decision. Choosing the right product for the application is often the hardest decision of all. We outline steps for a successful replacement /remodel project and smooth the path to an efficiently completed project with the proper product. Click HERE for more information or download our Revitalize brochure

Lincoln Fit Casement/Awning Insert Window

Designed to be retro-fitted into your sound existing double hung frame, this product installs easily without disturbing existing siding or interior moldings. Insert casements look like the full-frame units so they can be mixed on a project. Durable extruded aluminum cladding, with an extensive color offering, requires minimum maintenance. Interior features such as our spectacular looking alternative wood species can match your décor. The units are manufactured 3/8” smaller in width from your ordered measurements (sash openings). This allows room for squaring, shimming, leveling and installing.

  • Truth Encore Hardware - Stylish full-flip handle and nesting cover are functional, durable and beautiful
  • Adjustable Hinges - Pivoting hinge post assists with sash location for fine tuning after installation
  • Eight Hardware Finishes - Match your interior décor for a consistent look throughout the home
  • 2” SDL Grilles - Horizontal grille creates double hung checkrail appearance
  • Full Perimeter Weatherstrip - Frame weatherstrip seals sash and frame tightly during unfavorable weather conditions
  • Egress Sizes - Casement can meet egress requirements with smaller sizes
  • 3-1/4” Frame - Fits snugly into your opening after worn-out sash and balances are removed
  • Continuity of Design - Lincoln Fit windows look like our full-frame replacements
  • Mulling Options - Units can be mulled in two and three-wide configurations
  • Extruded Aluminum Clad Exterior - Eight standard colors, thirty-eight feature colors and custom color matching with AAMA 2605 paint specifications
  • Fully Assembled - Units are packaged with installation hardware and sill expander
  • Picture Windows - Large stationary openings can be made energy efficient

Full-Frame Replacement Casement/Awning Windows

There are plenty of reasons to choose a Revitalize full-frame replacement from Lincoln Windows and Patio doors. Our extensive built-to-fit product line is specifically manufactured for your home, home addition, commercial renovation or even a multi-family development. Our many years of manufacturing excellence allows every project to utilize Lincoln’s vast window experience, reach completion faster, reduce callbacks and add value. Revitalize Today!

Full Frame Replacement
  • Silicone Injected Frame - Frame corners are joined with a rigid key and injected for a water-tight seal
  • Folding Handle - Handles fold into operating cover while not in use
  • Adjustable Hinges - Sash can be moved for field corrections and better alignment with the frame.

Configuration Options

One of the best ways to change or improve the look of a home is to alter the window configuration. Our vast offering of window styles allows for configurations from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. The samples shown below are just a handful of what's possible. Whether you want a simple studio window combination or are looking to make a statement by combining standard windows with specialty shapes, we can meet your needs.

Studio Combo
Studio Combo w/Mulled Half-round


3-Wide with Mulled Ellipse
3-Wide with Single Transom
5-Wide with Multiple Mulled Transoms
4-Wide with Multiple Mulled Awnings


2-Wide with Mulled Pentoid
2-Wide with Mulled Quarter Rounds
Single with Mulled Triangle
Single with Half Round


2-Wide Radius Top with Mulled Extended Leg Segments
3-Wide with Extended Leg Segments and Multiple Awnings