Patio Doors

Dramatic styling and impressive functionality are hallmark attributes defining our patio door collections. Lincoln’s vast range of patio door offerings is sure to please architects, builders and homeowners by having just the right design element. Choose from a long list of eye-catching features such as personalized colors, virtually endless grill patterns and numerous hardware finishes.

Style and function means manufacturing doors that slide, swing in, swing out or fold and a great deal more! We build standard and custom size units, offer creative panel configurations, radius swing doors, operating sidelites, utilize high performance glazing options and even produce coastal rated products.

Slide Patio Doors

Featuring wide or narrow styles, our slide doors are a beautiful combination of practicality and performance. Light up your room and keep the weather outside all while avoiding the clearance needed with a swinging patio door.

Swing Patio Doors

Our most comprehensive door category, swing products are widely used for nearly every type of project including new construction, remodeling and light commercial. Swing doors are versatile, long-lasting and design friendly.

Folding Patio Doors

Distinctive rooms require an exceptional door system. Lincoln Folding doors, when completely opened, leave a stunning unobstructed view. Multiple configurations consist of stacking panels and may include an operable out-swing panel.