Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors

Owner's Manual

Swing Patio Doors

Purchasing windows is not unlike buying other building products. When a question arises, a helpful guide can lead you through common questions such as finishing interiors/exteriors, adjusting a hardware system or cleaning glass.

Our owner’s manual is a user-friendly guide intended to provide information and recommendations related to Lincoln Windows and Patio doors. Products tend to look better and last longer with the proper care and maintenance.

Hinge Adjustment

Lincoln swing patio doors are equipped with SET hinges and GUIDE hinges that can be adjusted to square the operating panel within the frame. Set hinges allow for 1/8” vertical adjustment-hex head screw is located under the hinge pin finial cap. The guide hinge provides 1/8” of horizontal adjustment and has a visible hex head adjustment screw on the leaf face. Prior to adjusting, determine that the frame is plumb, square and level in the rough opening. If discrepancies are found, take corrective action on the frame prior to adjusting hinges.

These instructions denote a right-hinged door viewed from the inside. If door is left hinged, simply reverse the procedures. Maintain approximately 1/8” of clearance at the head jamb. After adjusting be sure and check the latch operation.

Required tools:

  • 3/16” hex wrench
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Plastic putty knife

YouTube Video Demonstration

Squaring the Door Within the Frame

6/6, 6/8 and 7/0 height doors are equipped with three hinges; 8/0 & 9/0 high doors have four hinges. The top hinge moves the upper part of the door, the center hinge(s), will adjust the panel vertically and the bottom hinge will move the base of the door. When adjusting, hinges should be manipulated to ensure approximately 3/32” clearance on the hinge side.

  • To pull the door closer to the hinges, turn the horizontal adjustment screws counter clockwise.
  • To push the door closer to the latch jamb, turn the horizontal adjustment screws clockwise.

Operating Panel Adjustments

Vertical Adjustments

  1. Remove the press-fit finial cap from the bottom of the set hinge to expose the adjustment screw. Use a small screw driver for plastic finial caps and the putty knife for brass caps.
  2. Insert the hex wrench in the bottom of the set hinge. Tighten the screw to raise the panel and loosen to lower the panel.
  3. Reinstall the finial cap removed in step 1.
  4. For doors with two set hinges, establish desired height with the top-most set hinge. Adjust other set hinge as follows: turn adjustment screw 1/8 turn past the onset of resistance to distribute the panel weight evenly.

Horizontal Adjustments

  1. Insert a 3/16” hex wrench into the horizontal adjustment screw.
  2. Turn clockwise to decrease the margin and counterclockwise to increase the margin on the hinge side.

Sill Maintenance

It is important that the sill be kept free of dirt and debris. To clean the sill, vacuum when necessary. Wash sill with mild soap and water if needed. Always be sure that weep holes on the inside and the outside of the sill are free of dirt and debris. If necessary the retention chamber of the passive weep system can be blown out with compressed air.