Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors

Owner's Manual


Purchasing windows is not unlike buying other building products. When a question arises, a helpful guide can lead you through common questions such as finishing interiors/exteriors, adjusting a hardware system or cleaning glass.

Our owner’s manual is a user-friendly guide intended to provide information and recommendations related to Lincoln Windows and Patio doors. Products tend to look better and last longer with the proper care and maintenance.

For more than half a century, Lincoln Wood Products has been dedicated to the production of quality windows and patio doors. Our products are designed and crafted not only for beauty, but also for energy efficiency, smooth operation and low maintenance.

Most window and patio door problems encountered by homeowners are avoidable. Simple measures such as properly cleaning the glass and screens, lubricating locks and hinges and finish maintenance will help ensure many years of service from your windows and patio doors. With a little care and consideration, your Lincoln windows and patio doors can look and operate like new for years to come.

Your Lincoln products come with a comprehensive warranty, which is attached to each label on the product.

Window Identification

Most windows consist of two primary components; a frame and a sash. The frame, which is the portion attached to your wall, has two side jambs, a head jamb and a sill. A sash, which is the part that holds the glass, is made up of two horizontal rails and two vertical stiles that surround the glass. Sash may be operable or stationary. Direct set windows consist of a frame and glass – no sash component – and are always stationery.

On every window there are glazing beads - small strips of wood that secure the glass in place. Windows may also have optional grilles (sometimes called muntin bars). These may be removable interior wood grilles, grilles between the glass (GBG), true divided lites or simulated divided lites. Simulated divided lites are permanently affixed to both the interior and the exterior of the glass to give the historic appearance of true divided lites while maintaining today’s energy efficiency requirements.

  1. Side Jamb
  2. Sill
  3. Sash
  4. Glazing/Glass
  5. Grill/Mutin Bar
  1. Head Jamb
  2. Stiles
  3. Rails
  4. Checkrail