Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors

Glider Windows

Lincoln gliders are available as a single unit with one side fixed and the other operable or as a triple unit with operating sash flanking a studio center. Single units can glide from either direction sliding smoothly on brass rollers over a vinyl track for long lasting trouble-free operation.

Also choose from a full or half screen option, seven hardware finishes, an array of exterior types and different interior wood species.



Lincoln offers a selection of five exterior collections for windows including: aluminum clad, vinyl clad, hybrid, primed and natural wood.


Select an exterior:


Traditional Glider Windows

The gliders’ main characteristic is its ability to slide easily on a heavy vinyl track. Long-lasting brass rollers make even the largest sizes glide well. Lincoln gliders are the perfect utility window because they blend well with a twin casement from afar and are and exceptional value.

Our traditional glider is equipped with advanced energy saving features. For example, slider checkrails incorporate the use of interlocking sash, weatherstrip and high-quality locks for a precision fit.



Triple Glider Windows

Lincoln’s energy efficient triple glider is built to fill large openings and can be installed where windows that project outward are just not practical.  Triple gliders operate from each end for excellent ventilation and utilize a studio center to capture your view.

Gliders offer simple operation because they slide on brass rollers and are extremely durable because they have fewer moving parts. Triple gliders also reduce your energy consumption by featuring fully weather-stripped sash with interlocking checkrails.



Glider Window corner cut with callouts  
  1. 4-9/16” jamb.
  2. 1-7⁄16” thick sash.
  3. 11/16” warm edge insulating glass.
  4. Cellular PVC sub sill.
  5. Heavy extruded PVC sill track.
  6. .050 extruded aluminum on frame. Wood units are primed on the exterior with cellular PVC sill, sill nosing and brickmould.
  7. .050 extruded aluminum on sash.