Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors

Environmental Commitment

Energy & Waste Reduction Programs

At Lincoln, going green goes way beyond a simple mission statement and a long-term agenda. It fits directly into our corporate philosophy of quality and performance combined with lean manufacturing efficiencies. Being proactive in regards to energy conservation, resource management and recycling are all key in how we approach our impact on the environment. As a community leader, we know that benefits made by stressing environmental stewardship will be reaped by future generations of Lincoln employees and their families. It’s an obligation that we take very seriously and we are proud to help control our environmental impact locally, while helping homeowners nationally through their use of our high performing windows and patio doors.

Committed to protecting and preserving the environment.

Lincoln Windows is committed to environmental stewardship.  As responsible corporate citizens, we are dedicated to manufacturing energy efficient products and managing our resources in a manner that reduces our impact on the environment


Committed to reducing landfill waste and lowering energy consumption.

Heating/Cooling – Corporate offices and manufacturing plants have preset thermostats.  Heated air from the machine room and cutting department is re-circulated into the plant.  Plant doors are kept closed.

Lights – Corporate offices are equipped with motion sensors that automatically turn lights off when the rooms are not occupied.  All other lights are turned off when not needed.  Most light bulbs are fluorescent. Manufacturing plant have high efficiency lighting. LED exit lights.

Computers – All new computers have LCD monitors and Intel processors.  Both use considerably less energy.

Compressed Air – Compression lines are regularly maintained.

Road Tractors - All road tractors are equipped with generators to allow a driver to shut down the truck engine when they are in the sleeper or waiting to unload.  This reduces fuel consumption and exhaust fumes.  The generators are set up to only run when heat, air or power are needed.

Recycling – Aluminum, Anti-freeze, Ballasts, Batteries, Cardboard, Cellular PVC, Computers, Copper Wire, Electronics, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Freon, Glass, Oil & Oil Filters, Paper, Plastic Bottles, PVC, Reject Materials, Scrap Metal, Screen Material, Shrink Wrap, Soda Cans, Steel, Styrofoam Packaging, Tin, Tires, Vinyl and Wood Sawdust.


Committed to manufacturing energy efficient products.

Many of our products are tested and certified for water penetration, air infiltration, structural integrity, thermal integrity and acoustical performance. We also offer numerous product enhancements to increase energy savings such as thermal breaks, weatherstripping and performance glass.  In addition, we engage in lean and sustainable manufacturing processes and strive to use suppliers that do the same.