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August 18, 2014

One More Option Equals One Less Worry!

One More Option Equals One Less Worry!

I wonder if anyone has ever looked forward to the challenge of painting the interior of their windows and patio doors. Whether you’re a builder or homeowner, it feels like one of those tasks you inevitably take on under duress. To be done properly, painting requires a high skill level, a finite attention to detail, mountains of time and a heck of a lot of masking tape!

You either have to remove operating sash or attempt to paint them in the fully open position. All while remembering not to paint any of the weatherstrips or areas of the sash that rely on friction contact for performance and you’ll need to apply at least two quality top coats… and don’t forget to sand lightly between each coat to eliminate brush strokes.

It sounds like the type of task you’re quick to delegate to someone else.

Luckily, Lincoln hopes to alleviate some of the work and inevitable stress by offering a White Pre-Finish interior paint option for our windows and patio doors. Yes… Lincoln is finally offering a white pre-finish interior paint… you (our dealers, builders, architects, designers and homeowners) have been heard.

With the addition of the Lincoln white pre-finish paint option, it looks like we just took another task off of your construction checklist!