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February 10, 2014

Paint It Black...With Confidence!

Paint It Black...With Confidence

So you expect a paint not to fade or chalk, you know, resist the weather. Is that right? It is 2014 after all and customer expectations continue to put increasing demands on all building material suppliers. And window manufactures have not remained exempt by any means.

Well Lincoln answers the call and in February, we take the performance of our Distinction Collection (Aluminum Clad) to the next level by switching to AAMA 2605 paint as standard. This finish is the most stringent paint specification that the American Architectural Manufacturers Association has and is one of many improvements that Lincoln will be making to increase quality and performance in 2014.

We made the change because the 2603 paint finish that we offered in the past, while being a great value, over time could be susceptible to chalking and fading. This degradation can be caused not only by the sun and UV rays, but other factors such as rain, temperature extremes, high humidity, salt, dust and smog. No matter where you live and especially within a mile or two of the ocean, your windows and doors will be exposed to some, if not all, of these elements.

By switching to 2605 as standard, Lincoln now has the ability to warrant the paint finish for 20 full years on color and gloss retention and chalk and erosion resistance. The 2605 finish is also more resistant to environmental issues such as salt and humidity with over double the performance hours achieved in accelerated testing. We’ve offered the 2605 paint as an option for years, but it always came with longer lead times and increased costs. In the end, we’ve decided that the performance benefits to having this paint finish far surpass the additional costs we incur by offering it as standard. The idea is that it’s just something we must have if we want to meet the quality and performance goals we’ve set for ourselves.

Lincoln utilizes only extruded aluminum exteriors as well. No thin coil stock or roll-formed here. Rolled-form aluminum in not only less than half the thickness, but is must endure the paint trauma associated with bending the metal around a wood substrate. The fabrication process will stress the paint finish and can lead to premature aging from weathering.

A 70% Kynar blend is what makes this paint so strong. Kynar is a registered trademark of Arkema Inc. and is considered the benchmark for high-performance and superior quality paint products. In other words, this is the premium finish for painted aluminum with respect to chalk and fade.

Whether you’re building a home or working on a light commercial project, the options and accessories with the aluminum clad products make it a great choice. Go ahead and paint it black or dark green or even chartreuse if the design calls for it. No matter the color you choose, you’ll do it with the confidence that comes with knowing that the color will perform and last for many years to come.