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September 16, 2013

Introducing the Lincoln Lifestyle Double Hung

Introducing the Lincoln Lifestyle Double Hung

When designing a new window product, a lot of factors have to be determined ahead of time. You need to identify the overall goal and determine how to achieve it. What is the need? What’s the market for this need? What does this add to our current product line? Can we make it better? Can we make it more efficient? If so, at what cost? Questions lead to more questions which lead to more questions.

For the Lifestyle Double Hung, we wanted a product more reflective of the current market. We needed a double hung with a more contemporary style than our traditional window line and we needed it affordable for today’s tight budgets. Unfortunately for our design staff, we wanted to have our cake and eat it too. We wanted it to look sexy, but we also required it to be the smart choice for consumers. We wanted it to be not only a cost effective option, but we needed to maintain the high quality and energy-efficiency of the rest of our product lines. No compromise seems easy enough when you’re in sales or marketing - not so easy when you’re in the research and development department.

What does it mean to not compromise with design? It means that it isn’t simply looking at what you can take away from a window or change, but you have to look at the ramifications of the action. Simply put, we weren’t going to cheapen the product just to save a few bucks. We looked at many of our competitors and decided that we weren’t willing to simply sacrifice quality and construction to offer a more affordable product.

What were the options? Do we switch to roll form cladding from extruded cladding for the sash? No! We’ve seen how flimsy the 1980’s style roll form sash can be. We switched to the .050 extruded aluminum cladding for a reason, it’s stronger, better and it lasts longer. Do we switch to a cheaper style jambliner or more inexpensive hardware or maybe even single strength glass like many companies use? There are several vendors that offer choices that may work. Again the answer was a resounding ‘NO’. These windows needed to be quality built and covered under our warranty. We weren’t trying to design a ‘cheaper’ window and by lessening the quality of key operational components, that’s what would happen. How about reducing options and make it more a cookie cutter window? Once again… NO! We prided ourselves on being a custom window manufacturer. Reducing the choices our customers have felt contrary to the basic foundation of how we’ve done business for decades.

Faced with these challenges, the Lincoln R&D staff toiled, and in the end, produced what may be the most exciting product that we’ve introduced in years. Visually, the Lifestyle DH has some beautiful lines. Both sash are built using equal glass and utilize narrow stiles & rails for clean matching sightlines. The jambliners are recessed flat style and there’s no visible weatherstrip when the sash are in a closed position. Combine that with the low-profile tilt latches and sash locks, available in seven (yes… seven) finishes, it gives a nice contemporary feel to a very traditional style window.

Does the Lifestyle Double Hung force you to choose style over substance – definitely not. It features mortise & tenon sash joinery, inverted block & tackle balances, interlocking and weatherstripped checkrails and of course the myriad of energy saving high performance glass options Lincoln offers. In addition, the Traditions Collection features cPVC sill & sill nosing while the Distinction Collection comes with .050 thick extruded aluminum sash & frame.

The window sounds pretty good, but launching it by itself wouldn’t be enough to satisfy a designer or architect. Just as the sightlines are desirable between both sash, it’s also important for them to match up with any products that may be mulled to it. That meant the Lifestyle Double Hung also needed to have a matching transom and studio picture unit to complete the product family. You end up with perfectly matched glass alignment vertically with the DH transoms and horizontally for the DH Studio Picture Units. Even the mulls themselves have been visually transformed. The design has eliminated the need for a head fullbound which creates a beautiful interior mull point and cleaner, less bulky exterior mull.

With our Lifestyle, you get the options, style and performance you want… all bundled into a neat cost effective package you need. It obviously wasn’t easy, but in a way, our compromises, or lack thereof, are really what makes the Lincoln Lifestyle Double special. Talk to the nearest Lincoln dealer to see how the Lincoln Lifestyle can fit into your lifestyle.